road trip day 3: wyoming tire fix > black hills > baby jesus

after some morning research we find that only one tire shop in evanston has the size tire we need.  luckily they’re sympathetic and not too busy and get us in and out of the shop with a decent turn around time.  we blow out of town as fast as we can.  neither of us was looking forward to the monotony of driving through all of wyoming during the day but frankly, i was surprised by how much i enjoyed the subtle color play of the landscape.  somehow in my mind it stayed fresh and i was able to enjoy that stretch of road.

wind farm up on your right

wind farm up on your right

something about the sunset and dusk that followed this day could not be justified in cellphone photos.  on one side of us was a rainbow sorbet of colors lighting up the sky, on the other side was a dusk steeped in dark childhood stories.  it was like we were driving down the center of two worlds, two different days.  it was surreal in a way that made me ache for it to never end.

as we reached the border of south dakota i was convinced that it was already to dark for photos and i turned around to this vision:

this will always remind me of the burning playground in

this will always remind me of the burning playground in “the terminator”

the moon hung heavy above us as we made our way to and through the black hills.  if we hadn’t had our tire mishap i would have seen some of this during the day.  it’s unfortunate i missed it in the darkness.  there was a vapor like blackness permeating all around the horizon and it felt like a dangerous place.  like a fairytale dangerous place, not an east la dangerous place.

and eric, ever vigilant, tried to take me up to see mt. rushmore because we thought it may be lit up at night.  it was not lit at night.  we ended up in a weird vortex where somehow we were driving in one direction but kept driving the same stretch of road over and over.  we were able to break the spell and headed toward rapid city.

oh rapid city.  we thought you would be our bed.  but you had no place for us to stay.  and no one knew why all the rooms were taken at every hotel.  so we drove to the next town.  no vacancy.  and the next town.  no vacancy.  ad naseum roughly 150 miles.  we sleep in the car.  well, he sleeps in the car.  i toss and turn and turn the car on to get heat.  and then i finally nod off and WE ARE AWAKE AGAIN.  IT IS ANOTHER DAY AGAIN.  HELLO HUMAN, HOW ARE YOU LIKING LIFE?  it wasn’t that dramatic.  but i hate feeling like i’ve slept 2 minutes when i’ve been out a few hours.  such a waste.

Y U NO have room for us at the inn?


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