road trip day 2: reno > salt flats > evanston, wy

we got a later start than anticipated because me + mornings = heartache for any morning person i’m with.  sorry eric.  at any rate we stopped by a local coffee drive through to grab drinks for the road.  the lovely barista recommended a breakfast joint for us.  so we went.

peg's glorified ham and eggs

peg’s glorified ham and eggs

the place was packed and we were glad to be there.  the food was really amazing and i was obnoxious as usual shooting pictures of us to post right here:

that's not bruce willis

that’s not bruce willis… or maybe it is.  he’s happy having breakfast with us.

back in the car.  back on the asphalt.  our next exploration is the salt flats.  i have wanted to see them for longer than i can remember.  we have a similar experience to our imagining every cluster of lights is reno.  in utah we think every slightly flat place with light-ish dirt is the salt flats.  we have an argument about whether or not they are dry or wet (i’m team wet salt flats).  finally the world flattens around us and shallow pools of water on either side reflect the sky like mirrors.  we can hardly wait to exit at the rest stop.

looks like iceland? maybe the surface of the moon.

looks like iceland? maybe the surface of the moon.

the water has an amazing hue once you take a moment to get beyond the reflection.

melted muddy mercury

melted muddy mercury

and the rest stop graffiti reminds me of our slavic host at “circus circus.”

“no one cares” and “it doesn’t matter” are essentially the same thing

we marvel the entire time we drive through the salt flats.  the mountains look like they’re floating just above the water.  everything feels slightly european and other worldly.  we coast on the interstate in a suspended state of disbelief and wonder.  we are pretty damn glad we chose to take the long way to minnesota.

that is clearly why this happens:

we stop at a scenic spot as the twilight is darkening.  we get back in the car and not half a mile from the rest stop we run over something.  the warning lights spark up the dash and we’re in the middle of nowhere.  luckily we have a donut and eric is a champion with putting it on the car.  the only problem is we only have about 70 miles on the temporary tire and we’re far away from anything.  if we can get to something, it’s certain it’ll be closed and we lose hours of driving.



we make it to evanston, wy.  it’s the first town beyond a gas station on an exit we’ve encountered since we got the flat.  we try to find a connection through a truck stop, walmart’s tire shop is closed and none of the locals seem to have any timely solutions.  we’re bummed.  and we’re starving.  so we eat at a diner.

this lovely human brought coloring pages to the table and coloring did make me feel better

this lovely human brought these pages to the table and coloring did make me feel better

i really indulged in this moment.  i ate a steak.  and this diner did a pretty amazing job.  it was just what the doctor ordered.

after we ate we checked into the days inn.  the indian man at the counter asked us three times if we had a dog.  there was a sign on the counter about undeclared pets.  we did not have a dog.  we said “no” three times.  keys in hand we park behind the hotel and enter the back entrance.  when we open the door a dog comes traipsing up to me.  i was leary but the dog seemed friendly so we continued about our business.  i look up and see a security camera.  the dog follows us to our room.  when i attempt to open the door the dog tries to go in ahead of me.  i close the door and try to get between the dog and the door so i can push myself through (my hands are full of heavy luggage as are eric’s).  it takes a few tries but we’re finally able to get in yet leave the dog in the hallway.  and eric and i fall into a fit of laughter because of the grilling we got about pets at the reception desk.  it was a tough end of the day.  we have to find a tire solution the next day.  we sleep.

i have strange stress dreams.

this is the same day i was floating on an icelandic moon while driving on american roads.

these are days we’ll remember.


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